Agrovet Market Animal Health México present in AMVECAJ 2017

On February 8, 9 and 10, Agrovet Market Mexico was present at the AMVECAJ 2017 Congress, held at Hacienda Don Ramón in Tepatitlán Jalisco, with an approximate influx of 1,600 people. As part of the activities we sought to disseminate strategies that facilitate the management of pigs under the Agrovet Market production program.

AMVECAJ 2017 was the ideal platform to promote the AVIVET line, presenting innovative products with highly differentiated assets and formulas. One product that caused great expectation within the portfolio was Tylvax® C Px, a synergistic association of tetracycline and tilvalosin, a last-generation macrolide.

Public attention was also given to the nutritional line, Nutrovet® with products such as Vetonic® with Nucleotides, integral biostimulant, single growth promoter with Nucleotix® and Biolyte® WS, multi-element complex of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes; In addition to ChickLyte® WS, a balanced energy-electrolytic association with glycine recommended for cases of caloric stress.

Agrovet Market Animal Health Mexico congratulates its technical team and its commercial partners for the commitment to the breeders of the area and, at the same time, congratulates the Association of Specialists in Pigs of Los Altos de Jalisco for organizing the event.

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