Intramammary Suspension

Antibiotic infusion for dry cows


Cephalexin monohydrate 200 mg, Neomycin sulphate 340 mg, Cloxacillin benzathine 50 mg, Vitamin A 10, 000 IU, slow release vehicle 250 mg, excipient q.s. ad 10 mL.


For the treatment of subclinical infections and in routinary prevention of mastitis in cattle at the beginning of the dry period. It is supplemented with vitamin A wich works as an epithelial regenerator of the mammary gland. The exclusive Duo Cap® system offers the possibility of a deep application or the administration near the nipple sphincter.

Dosage and Administration

Cattle: 1 syringe/quarter at the last milking of the lactation period. Apply through intrammamary infusion.

Commercial Presentation

Box x 24 syringes x 10 mL , Plastic container x 48 syringes of 10 mL.,

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