Fertimin Se®

Injectable Solution

Mineral Supplement - Adjuvant in Metabolic and Reproductive Disorders


Phosphorylcolamine 100.16 mg, Cobalt gluconate 0.08 mg, Zinc sulfate heptahydrate 1.8 mg, Manganese gluconate dihydrate 2.28 mg, Sodium selenite 0.34 mg, Potassium iodide 1.1 mg, excipients q.s. ad 1 mL.


For prevention and treatment of deficiencies of minerals present in the formulation, such as deficiency of Manganese, rickets, aphosphorosis. Stimulates the appearance of estrus; favors the increase of fertility, conception and pregnancy rates; shortens the interval between births. In males, improves the seminal quality and libido. It is used as coadjuvant in the treatment of reproductive disorders and helps to reduce the incidence of placental retention, uterine prolapses, mastitis and metritis.

Dosage and Administration

1 mL/20 kg of body weight. Apply through deep intramuscular route. Volumes higher than 10 mL should be broken down into smaller doses.

Commercial Presentation

Bottle x 100 mL , Bottle x 250 mL , Bottle x 500 mL ,

registro SAGARPA

Reg. SAGARPA Q-0616-038