Amoxi-Tabs C®-250

Tablet Oral

Broad-spectrum antibiotic with bacterial resistance inhibitor

Enroflox® 20 L.A.

Injectable Solution

Thrid-generation quinolone in long-acting vehicle


Injectable Suspension

Liver protector

Aminoforte® F

Injectable Solution

High concentration aminoacids

Hematofos B12®

Injectable Solution

Multi-tonic complemented with phosphorous


Injectable Solution

Organic modifier - Organic functions stimulating

Oxantel® 5

Tablet Oral

Internal antiparasitic

doraQuest® l.a.

Oral Gel

Oral endectocide exclusive for horses


Oral Gel

Oral Endectocide exclusive for horses

ProGuard® 4

Oral Suspension

Broad- spectrum antiparasitic

Carprodyl® 100

Tablet Oral

Non-steroidal anti-inflamatory for medium and large dogs

Carprodyl® 25

Tablet Oral

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for small and medium dogs